Orthodontist in Northborough

When people typically think of orthodontics, they think of traditional wire braces. While metal braces are still fairly common and still very effective, there are plenty of other services involved in orthodontic dentistry. Our orthodontist in Northborough can provide a variety of services that meet the needs of each and every patient. Every patient is different and so are their teeth. Treating each patient as they need helps achieve the best orthodontic results and Dr. Philip Aubin is here to provide Northborough with top notch orthodontic treatment.

ortho-1Orthodontic dentistry is used to straighten out teeth and bites. Sometimes, orthodontic work is needed to fix the cosmetic appearance of someone’s smile, making their teeth straighter and more symmetrical to achieve a better looking smile. However braces and additional orthodontic work may be needed for more medical reasons. More serious malocclusions may need more intensive orthodontic work in order to correct offset bites. No matter what your orthodontic need happens to be, our orthodontist in Northborough can provide you with the comprehensive care that you deserve. Before anything is done, he will provide you with a preliminary examination in which he will examine your situation and determine what treatment you will need in order to reach your desired or required results. Dr. Aubin also uses radiography and the most advance dental technology to track your progress and make sure that everything is going smoothly. Interceptive orthodontics can be applied to children who have serious malocclusions that need to be rectified before their permanent teeth emerge, as well as traditional orthodontics which can be used for teens and adults.

Orthodontic care is a delicate process and our orthodontist in Northborough, Dr. Aubin , takes the best care of his patients, making sure that each patient receives the most personalized and comprehensive care possible in order to achieve the smile they want and need.